Fort Myers Beach Florida Wedding Photographer – Corrie & Jason | Married!

Corrie and Jason planned a truly amazing wedding day! They got married with their toes in the sand on the beautiful Fort Myers Beach in Florida, complete with a sand unity ceremony (while their adorable little girl played in the sand at her feet). It was so intimate and precious! Corrie and Jason then moved the party to a couple of beach houses while we awaited the sunset…and BOY are we glad! The sunset on Fort Myers Beach that night was FABULOUS! See for yourself! (c) (c) (c) (c) (c) (c) (c) (c) (c) (c)

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Fort Myers Wedding Photographer – Carrie & Brian | Married!

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Carrie and Brian were married at the Church of the Resurrection of Our Lord in Fort Myers, Florida and the reception was held at Pelican Preserve Golf and Country Club in Fort Myers, Florida…and it was such a beautiful and unique wedding. The bride and groom really put a lot of thought and effort into even the finest details of their day, right down to the reading of “I’ll Love You Forever” by the groom and his mom, to the bridal party entrance dance to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller”. (It was totally awesome!) They also chose a fabulous cupcake tier cake from Norman Love Confections…and they were so sweet in delicately helping each other take a bite. I was honored to be a part of their special, amazing day!

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Fort Myers, Florida Portrait Photography – The V Family


It was a GORGEOUS day with this family! Little Miss Chloe is so completely adorable…she & Stacie & Jacob are just so much fun to work with! They all did anything I asked of them…which of course, we photographers just LOVE!!

 Stacie & Jake are so cute together. :)

This one makes the top of the list, too…I just LOVE mother/daughter love. Beautiful girls!

Chloe is a pistol! She was such a huge help with getting her parents to stand exactly where they needed to be. 😉 And I even needed a little “help” with her up-and-coming photographer’s eye…she got to shoot a couple frames of her mom & dad! :)

It was a beautiful day at Buckingham Park, Florida with a wonderful family!

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