The Birth of Baby J – Home Birth Photographer, Nashville TN

The Birth of Cheyenne – Home Birth Photographer, Nashville TN

It was a dark and stormy night.

Okay well… that’s NOT this kind of story. But it DID end up being a dark and stormy night when Baby J came earthside! :) lol

Wait wait wait… let’s back up a bit. Meagan and I met up originally at a sweet little smoothie place to talk about her birth story photography ideas. From the get-go, it was SO comfortable between us! Like we had been friends for YEARS. It was great! She was AMAZING, and brought her two little boys with her, so I was able to meet them for the first time too. We basically talked about her birth plans: homebirth, with just her husband present and possibly her two young sons, gender-surprise, all-natural and drug-free birth, she wanted skin-to-skin, exclusive breastfeeding, and all in all, just a wonderfully comfortable birth at home with her family there. I was enthralled as she told me all of her plans… everything so carefully thought out and detailed… it was beautiful to hear!

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Why Should I Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer?

Why Should I Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer?

(aka, I Am Having A Friend Shoot My Wedding Because She Has A Nice Camera)

So, you’re planning your wedding. Congrats! This is SUCH an exciting time in your life! The dress, the cake, the rings, the flowers, the bridal party, AND of course sealing the deal on spending the rest of your life with the Man (or Woman) of your Dreams!! So much to plan; so much to think about; so many details; so little time! Ack!!
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 Why Should I Hire a Professional Wedding Photographer Fort Myers Naples Nashville Photography

With all of those details, decisions, and the MONTHS it takes to plan a wedding, there is one thing that many brides and grooms try to save money on.

(Well, there are a lot of things to try to save money on when it comes to weddings…I mean, budgets are super important and they truly do help you determine what your “wants” are versus your “needs”…but there’s one thing in particular that stands out regarding budgeting.)

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