Middle Tennessee Birth Photography Special Discounts ~ Nashville, Franklin, Summertown, Clarksville, Mt Juliet, Bellevue TN

Middle Tennessee Birth Photography Special Discounts

Are you pregnant & living in middle Tennessee? Birth photography is becoming more of a necessity these days. If you haven’t booked your birth photographer yet, we’ve got UNPRECEDENTED pricing on birth story photography right now… you won’t want to miss out on this if you’re expecting (or planning to become pregnant in the near future)! Click here for details & book your due date today!

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Our birth story photography collections begin at $499. We are happy to work with any budget, so let me know what you need and let us capture your memories.

After all… they’re only born ONCE.


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Middle Tennessee Birth Photography Special Discounts Franklin TN Birth Photographer Summertown TN Birth Photographer The Farm Midwives Birth Photographer Photography The Farm Photographer The Farm Midwifery Group Birth Photography Alabama Birth Photographer Clarksville Birth Photographer Mt Juliet Birth Photography Columbia Birth Photographer Dickson Birth Photographer Bellevue Nashville Fayetteville Birth Referral Specials Family Photographer Photography Preferred Nashville Franklin Birth Photographer Leiper’s Fork Spring Hill TN Tennessee Birth Labor Delivery Baby Hospital Homebirth Photography Fayetteville Birth Photographer Fayetteville Birth Photography Charlotte NC Birth Photographer Charlotte Birth Photography Charleston Birth Photographer Charleston Birth Photography Durham Birth Photographer Asheville Birth Photographer Fort Bragg Birth Photographer Wadesboro Birth Photographer Anson Birth Photographer Albemarle Birth Photographer Best Charleston Birth Photographer Mount Pleasant Birth Photographer Mt Pleasant Birth Photography

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Nashville Birth Photography Giveaway WINNER!

Well… the time has come!!! :) Time to announce the winner of the Nashville Birth Photography giveaway!!

And… well… we couldn’t choose just ONE PERSON from all the entries on our Facebook page… so we had to choose TWO!! Yep, two lucky winners will get to have their birth story captured by our amazing team! So exciting!!!

And for all of our fans who entered this contest… you guys WIN something AMAZING as well!

We are offering 40% off of our Grand Entrance collection, 30% off of our Coming Earthside collection, and 20% off of our Tiny Bundle collection!! WOOT!!! Email us today to book your birth date; we only take a very limited number of births each month, and once these discounts are gone, they’re GONE! Don’t miss out on this INCREDIBLE savings! To snag one of these AWESOMESAUCE discounts, you must book your birth date by April 29, 2015! (even if you’re due after that date)

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The Birth of Baby J – Home Birth Photographer, Nashville TN

The Birth of Cheyenne – Home Birth Photographer, Nashville TN

It was a dark and stormy night.

Okay well… that’s NOT this kind of story. But it DID end up being a dark and stormy night when Baby J came earthside! :) lol

Wait wait wait… let’s back up a bit. Meagan and I met up originally at a sweet little smoothie place to talk about her birth story photography ideas. From the get-go, it was SO comfortable between us! Like we had been friends for YEARS. It was great! She was AMAZING, and brought her two little boys with her, so I was able to meet them for the first time too. We basically talked about her birth plans: homebirth, with just her husband present and possibly her two young sons, gender-surprise, all-natural and drug-free birth, she wanted skin-to-skin, exclusive breastfeeding, and all in all, just a wonderfully comfortable birth at home with her family there. I was enthralled as she told me all of her plans… everything so carefully thought out and detailed… it was beautiful to hear!

Nashville Franklin Homebirth Waterbirth Hospital Birth Photographer Photography Tennessee

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The Birth of Baby L – Homebirth Waterbirth Photographer, Nashville Tennessee

The Birth of Diana – Homebirth Waterbirth Photographer , Nashville Tennessee

Homebirth is amazing. Well, ALL births are a miracle… but there is just “something” about homebirths that is just so warm and cozy and comfortable. Maybe it’s because mama and daddy are in their own personal comfort zone. Maybe it’s because when labor starts, they don’t have to pack up the car or the hospital bag. Maybe it’s because their birth support team comes to THEM, instead of the other way around. I don’t know for sure… but there is something special about homebirthing.

Fort Myers Naples Homebirth Waterbirth Birth Photographer Photography Florida

As the preferred birth story photographer in Nashville, I was on call for a homebirth / waterbirth. I had met with this mama and daddy, along with their adorable toddler, during a number of pre-birth consults, just like I do with all of my clients.

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Nashville Homebirth Session Giveaway – Tennessee Birth Photographer

Nashville Homebirth Session

It’s time, it’s time!! For the big announcement!!

First, a HUGE “Thank You!!” to all of our fans, friends, and clients who shared and liked our page. It is our absolute honor and privilege to serve each and every one of you, and to share in the memories of your families. We are grateful to have each of you in our lives…THANK YOU for joining us and allowing us to capture your memories.

Please know that even if you didn’t win this time, stay in touch on our Facebook page, as there “might” (wink wink) be another birth session giveaway in the very near future!

We are sooooooo excited to be able to offer a free birth photography session, right here in Nashville, Tennessee! Birth photography is so emotional; so intense; so intimate…these are moments that will never happen again. Every birth is unique. Every baby is a miracle. Every mama deserves to have the memories of the birth of her children captured forever. Every daddy deserves to be part of the memories; to be IN the photos instead of behind the camera, detached from the emotions and happenings. Every family should be able to have photos of the births of each child, to cherish and love and reminisce.

So please, won’t you join us in congratulating the winner of this Nashville homebirth session…


Homebirth Photographer Florida Home Birth Photo Fort Myers Sarasota Cape Coral Naples

Allison, please email us at Shay {at} eShayPhoto {dot} com to claim your prize!! Again, THANK YOU to everyone who joined in to help make this Nashville homebirth session contest come to fruition! Come like us on Facebook for even more specials and giveaways! Love to you all!

Shay Bunch Photography sig StopTime png


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The Birth of Charlie – Nashville Birth Photographer

Shay Bunch Photography

The Birth of Charlie – Nashville Birth Photographer

Let me just start with this: Hypnobirthing ROCKS! :) As the preferred Nashville birth photographer, I was on-call…

…for a client’s waterbirth at one of the birth centers actually in Cape Coral, FL…and the evening began with a text message from my birth client, which said something along the lines of, “I’m having contractions, but I’m just not sure if this is “it” or not…stay tuned!”

This beautiful mama had planned her baby’s birth so very well…she had her support team in place; her birth plan all set; hypnobirthing education; you name it. She and her husband chose Baby Love Birth Center as the place where they would like to bring their little one earthside. (Baby Love and the staff there are absolutely fantastic, by the way! Go check out their website…after you’re done reading this post.) So, with me being on-call, I already had my birth photography gear charged, loaded, and ready to roll at a moment’s notice. And THANK GOODNESS I did! (You’ll find out why in a minute…)

Fort Myers Birth Photography, Cape Coral Birth Photographer

 The hours continued to pass, with an update from mama every now and then. No change; her labor was continuing, and since she had prepared herself SO well with her hypnobirthing techniques, mama was able to remain calm and work with her body through each contraction as it came. Finally, another text came through, with much more urgency this time:

“We’re heading to the birth center!”

Fort Myers Birth Photographer, Cape Coral Birth Photography

I quickly texted back, “I’ll meet you there! You’re doing great, mama! You can do this!” and I hopped into my already-packed car and took off for the birth center. I pulled into the parking lot. There was no one there. The lights were off; no cars screeching into the parking lot (like my husband would be if I were in labor); no signs of an impending birth whatsoever. So I got out my camera and stood outside my car in the parking lot, thinking that I would need to be ready to start shooting when they pulled into the lot (you just never know!).

Cape Coral Florida Birth Photographer

Nothing was happening. Then…my phone chirped. New text message! I quickly flipped it open and saw the latest update: “Actually we’re going to Gulf Coast Hospital”.

Well, at this stage of the game, that can only mean one thing: BABY ON THE WAY!

Which is a WONDERFUL thing!! I knew the general route mama would be coming, so I knew that if they were going to Gulf Coast instead, after all of the waterbirth plans and natural midwifery care…then that pretty much means baby isn’t going to wait until they get to the birth center to make his debut! So exciting!!! It was almost time!! :) However, there was one slight hiccup…I was standing in the parking lot of Baby Love Birth Center…and Gulf Coast Hospital was a solid 20-25 minutes away. So back into my car I hopped, making my way as quickly as possible (while obeying all traffic safety laws of course). I pulled into the hospital parking lot, found the entrance for “Women’s Care”, grabbed my gear, and literally ran inside. I knew this was going to be a close birth, IF I even made it on time.

Cape Coral Florida Birth Photographer

Ran in and eventually found (by the grace of God, a lone gentleman walked into the lobby and pointed me in the right direction…thank you, kind sir!!!) the place I was supposed to be, and went to the nurses’ station. Told them who I was, and the nurse waved me over to a curtained room in triage. And the next image is what I saw when I walked into that room…

Cape Coral Florida Birth Photographer

I just ADORE the sheer bliss on mama’s face!!!!!!!!

At the end of the day, little Mr. Charlie simply had his own agenda, and he was in a bit of a hurry…and that’s TOTALLY okay! :) I ended up missing his grand entrance, but as you can see, we DID manage to capture some beautiful, once-in-a-lifetime memories for this amazing family of five.

Cape Coral Florida Birth Photographer

Cape Coral Florida Birth Photographer

And if you have any questions about the amazingness of hypnobirthing, this is a great place to start. :) You can also check out more birth moments on our Facebook page, and keep in touch with us by signing up for our newsletter (we promise, we won’t clutter up your inbox with a bunch of unwanted email!), by going to our website, www.NashvilleBirthPhotographer.com and entering your information at the bottom of the front page. Feel free to check out our birth photography collections while you’re there, too. :)

Sigh. What a blissful day in the life of a middle Tennessee birth photographer.

Shay Bunch Photography sig StopTime png

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The Birth of Jordynn – Fort Myers Florida – Birth Photography

Welcoming Jordynn {Fort Myers Birth Photography}

Cape Coral Birth Photography – Fort Myers Birth Photography – Lee Memorial HealthPark Hospital – Labor & Delivery Unit

Birth…such bliss.

Hard work…but so completely beautiful. It is clearly a work that was created by God Himself.

As a birth photographer, my typical evening starts by heading to my evening workout. This evening was no different. Suddenly, my phone rang. It was Stacie, my pregnant friend & birth photography client. “Shay,” she said, “I’m in labor. We’re on our way to the hospital!” Breathless and excited, I must have asked her a thousand times, “How far apart are your contractions? Has your water broken yet?” I told Stacie to go on ahead to the hospital, I would arrange childcare for my daughter and meet her there.


When I arrived at the hospital around 7:00p, Stacie was about 4cm and was walking the halls. We walked and talked for a long while, pausing for her contractions and applying pressure on her lower back. Baby was posterior, so Stacie was having some seriously difficult back labor. She progressed for awhile; 5-6cm and going strong. Then the back labor started to get much worse. Her mom, Beth, was an absolute magician with her hands and her words! She knew just where to apply pressure to ease Stacie’s back labor, and spoke with a firm, low voice that calmed Stacie at the height of so many contractions. It was a beautiful thing, to see a mother helping her daughter bring new life into the world.



Then Stacie’s husband Jake came in. He had been there earlier and had run home to pick up a few items for Stacie. Poor guy was sick…bronchitis and the whole nine yards! But he managed to tough it out (and tried not to breathe toward anyone) and even had the strength to help Stacie through a lot of her labor. He pretty much immediately took over supporting Stacie, and it was so heavenly to see a husband holding up his wife through some of the most intense hours of her life.


(And making her laugh even through contractions! :) )


Labor progressed. One thing that kept Stacie going through labor was her craving for a cheeseburger and vanilla milkshake! :) lol Too funny. Jake promised her she could have one after Baby made her debut. (I’m sure he made good on that promise!) Jake, along with myself and Stacie’s parents, went down to the cafeteria around 3:00a to grab a bite to eat, joking the entire time. This family truly cares about each other, and it really showed that night. Even in the wee hours of the morning, joking over hospital cafeteria food!





When doing birth photography, it is always such a pleasure to be able to see each family working together as a team, everyone supporting the mother. It makes my job so much easier…when everyone focuses on mom, I can do what I do best…capture memories. And Stacie was an absolute ROCKSTAR in bringing her precious one earthside!! Welcome, baby Jordynn!






You can see more of our birth photography on our Facebook page, by clicking here, or on our website, here.

Stopping time. Capturing life.


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New Beginnings – Florida Birth Photographer

Well here I sit…on the brink of a new horizon. I am finally breaking into what is my absolute PASSION: birth. Yep, childbirth. Bringing new life earthside. I am super-excited to be photographing the birth of a friend of mine, due in two weeks (although baby may come sooner!), and things are really coming together! I cannot WAIT to stop time for this family as they welcome their newest little one. For me, birth is a rite of passage. It’s the ultimate symbol of strength in a woman. It is something that only WOMEN were created for, and something only WOMEN can handle. (You know all those jokes about how men wouldn’t be able to deal with one hour of active labor? Well, it’s true! Most of them can’t! My husband included…and yes, Mr. Bunch, I know you’re a bodybuilder…but women win the strength, stamina, & determination contest hands-down. Unless you would like to have our next baby drug-free? Let me know. Kiss kiss.)

I’m so totally stoked to finally be merging my passions and living my dream of becoming a Florida birth photographer!

Personally, I have a LOT (a LOTTTTTTTT) of experience with & education on babies, births, new mamas, breastfeeding, post-partum, children, toddlers, new daddies, vaccines, etc etc etc. First, I have two babies that I carried in my womb. My son was born in a hospital, a very clinical setting that was terrible with its stark walls and sterile smell. He was also 20 weeks too early, so he went home to be with Jesus about 30 minutes after he was born. So not only have I dealt with giving birth in a hospital, but I have had pregnancy complications, non-natural labor & delivery, but I’ve also dealt with the loss of my baby, which was life-changing in and of itself. Then, my daughter was also born in a hospital. Although I wanted to deliver in a birth center, my husband was too nervous for us to do that due to the complications of my pregnancy with my son. But I wanted as natural and drug-free of a birth as I could get, even in a hospital setting. So, after about a decade of research at that time, I labored at home with my daughter until I was 7cm. (Mr. Bunch was pacing the house; he thought for SURE I was going to have our baby right there on the bedroom floor!! Which, looking back now, I probably should have! ha)

www.eShayPhoto.com (c)(That’s my Angel-Baby on her birth day!)

In addition to birthing my own children, I have also worked in various aspects of healthcare for many years. I have worked on a Labor & Delivery unit, a Mother-Baby unit, a pediatric Cardiac ICU, a pediatric Emergency Room, a pediatric ICU, and hematology/oncology. I now have more than 12 years of research & practice under my belt with regard to birth, labor, delivery, breastfeeding, newborns, and post-partum. I nursed my daughter for almost two full years…we dealt with thrush, clogged ducts, cracked nipples, low supply, teething, mastitis, you name it. It was WONDERFUL!! :) Truly. Every moment spent with my children (and our two older children) has been pretty stinkin’ amazing.

So anyway, now that you have a GLIMPSE of an idea of where I’m coming from…NOW we bring into the picture my OTHER passion: photography! (Betcha already knew THAT answer, didn’t ya!)

It is fulfilling my ultimate dream to be a photographer. Every day I wake up realizing how BLESSED I am to be able to do what I love. But offering BIRTH PHOTOGRAPHY to soon-to-be new parents (and lots of seasoned parents!)…WHOA. Now you’re talkin’!!

You might have a couple of cell phone pictures or a 1-minute video to mark this massive milestone…but most new mamas and dads suddenly find themselves in the brand new world of parenting, without documented memories of the powerful life-change that took place when their tiny one came earthside. Having photos of your birth is so important…I know personally, for the births of MY children, I was exhausted for the first couple of DAYS, so trying to remember those laboring hours, and the details of my babies’ tiny toes and eyelashes, and the look on my husband’s face when our baby came earthside…well, having those memories in my hand, in birth photographs, means more to me than anything else in our kids’ Memory Boxes. I can look at those pictures and go right back to those very moments. And it is purely AMAZING.

Birthography (or birth photography) not only captures the moments as they unfold…but also the details; the feelings; the emotion; the sense of actually BEING there.

Birth photography allows you to have more than a birth story.

It creates the ability to relive every moment of your child’s BIRTH. Even with the tiniest detail of a calm birthing tub or a soon-to-be mama humming through a contraction… to the raw emotion shared between a loving couple… to the moment where baby snuggles up to mama and daddy… and they all fall in love together.

So many parents have voiced how much they regret not hiring a professional photographer for their birth. It breaks my heart that these parents will never have those once-in-a-lifetime memories captured! And so many parents who do hire a birth photographer are so grateful to have their professional photos… many of them realizing after their baby’s arrival that they “didn’t realize how important these photos would be.” As one of my recent moms said, “I could have never remembered the birth of my little girl in such detail… she completed our family and we are done. So being able to have these photos is such a huge blessing! THANK YOU for being there so I can relive every minute, anytime I want.” We create professional art which can be proudly displayed in your home… and in your new nursery.

Your story…your details…your spouse…your family…all living these moments together.

With a birth photographer, you not only get to LIVE the moment, but you get to relive it again and again, through photos taken by a professional who specializes in birth. These fleeting moments in your family’s life that pass by so quickly, and cannot be recreated. Every birth is unique. Every detail is personal to you and your family. And you don’t have to miss out on any of them!

If you’ve been on the fence about hiring a birth photographer, let’s sit down together over a cup of coffee (or pickles and ice cream!) and we’ll talk about all of your plans, wishes, wants, and needs for how you want to remember the birth of your baby. Believe me when I say, every birth is different and EVERY baby deserves to be remembered on their birth day.

We currently offer birth photography in Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Naples, Punta Gorda, Sarasota…so we cover most of Southwest Florida. Click here if you are looking for Fort Myers Birth Photography; click here if you are looking for Naples Birth Photography, and click here if you are looking for Sarasota Birth Photography. Or head on over to our Facebook page and come see all the fun stuff we’ve got going on (including special deals just for our Facebook fans!). And please feel free to drop me a line (here) so we can chat about your upcoming birth… I can’t WAIT to hear all about it!!

www.eShayPhoto.com (c)(pardon the cell phone pic. Angel-Baby was about 4 days old here,
so we were both exhausted…)

Stopping Time…Capturing Life…


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